Tony Vedanta Wilmot

Tony Vedanta Wilmot (SadhanaOm Yoga) is a yoga teacher from Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Tony Vedanta Wilmot has been accused of being a sexual predator by students, using his position to manipulate women. You can red one woman’s story of being sexually exploited and manipulated by him by clicking the link above.

Tony Vedanta Wilmot is not a famous ‘Celebrity Guru’. He is generally an unassuming and seemingly sincere professional Yoga teacher. He teaches in small gyms and community halls and struggles to make a living from Yoga. This is all the more scary because he just blends into daily life and is not a ‘tall poppy’ for students or followers to cut down. Never the less, he has been accused of using his position of power, as a Yoga teacher, for his own benefit by manipulating vulnerable female students into sexual acts.

He has practiced yoga for over thirty years and now entering his 18th year of teaching. As well as the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series his personal sadhana (practice) consist other aspects of yoga which including sound work, pranayama (yogic breathing) and (vipassana) meditation.

Tony Vedanta Wilmot as a sexual predator

Too many male yoga teachers do not understand the subtleties of the power dynamic with their female students. While sex between consenting adults is perfectly fine, in order to have that both adults must be equals, and no imbalance of power can exist between the two. If there is an imbalance of power between the two, if one has disproportionate authority over the other (or any authority over the other), consent cannot be given.

What Tony Vedanta Wilmot of SadhanaOm Yoga in Birmingham fails to understand is that it is totally inappropriate to act as he does. A big part of yoga involves opening up and surrendering to the practice so it can transform you. This can mean making yourself vulnerable in the process and trusting a teacher to guide you. This is why it’s even more improper for a yoga teacher to coerce or sexually manipulate  their students. It is a violation of a sacred trust.

This is perhaps a polite way of putting things. To be more blunt, it would appear that Tony Vedanta Wilmot cares more for his own sexual gratification than for the well-being of his students, which is unforgivable of a yoga teacher.

Tony Vedanta Wilmot therefore represents the silent Yoga predator who appears totally genuine and sincere, but is not able to live up to those qualities.

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Tony Vedanta Wilmot continues to teach Yoga unchecked at the following venues in and around Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

  • Salt Village Hall – Stafford
  • Gym & Tonic – Stafford
  • Active Arts Martial Arts Centre – Stafford, Greyfriars
  • The Priory Rooms – Birmingham