Tony Vedanta Wilmot Yoga Predator

Tony Vedanta Wilmot

Tony Vedanta Wilmot (SadhanaOm Yoga) is a yoga teacher from Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Tony Vedanta Wilmot has been accused of being a sexual predator by students, using his position to manipulate women. You can red one woman’s story of being sexually exploited and manipulated by him by clicking the link above. Tony Vedanta Wilmot is not a famous ‘Celebrity Guru’. He is generally an unassuming and seemingly sincere professional Yoga teacher. He teaches in small gyms and community halls and struggles to make a living from Yoga. This is all the more scary because he just blends into daily life and is not a ‘tall poppy’ for students or followers to cut down. Never the less, he has been accused of using his position of power, as a Yoga teacher, for his own benefit by manipulating vulnerable female students into sexual acts. He has practiced yoga for over…

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Spotting a Yoga Predator

Why is this such a big problem in the land of awareness? We assume that people, in particular yoga teachers, are somehow different than the rest of the population; conscientious, open and honest, and perhaps infallible because they “practice” yoga. But people are people no matter where you find them, with all the foibles, beauties and deceits that come with being human. I’m surprised when an intelligent individual intones “but s/he teaches yoga . . . ” as if being a yoga teacher and being a predator are mutually exclusive endeavors. They may be in your head, but not in a predator’s, and the understandable tendency to think everyone is “just like me” makes you a potential target for predatory mischief. There are hundreds of examples of such people teaching Yoga in daily life in every country. An example that comes to mind is Tony Vedanta Wilmot (a Yoga teacher…

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