Amrit Desai

Original founder of Kripalu Centre

Amrit, married, confessed to three affairs in 1994 and was forced to resign as spiritual director of his own ashram. While Amrit’s website makes no mention of the affairs or his expulsion from Kripalu, it does says that:

In 2000, after a period of personal reflection and sadhana, Gurudev founded the Amrit Yoga Institute, first located Sumneytown, Pennsylvania and then moved to its current location in Salt Springs, Florida.

Kripalu survived the falling of it’s guru and founder, and restructured its organization to be led by a professional management team, including people who had long been ashram residents. It has thereby became;

“The first traditional yoga ashram founded on the guru-disciple model to transition to a new paradigm of spiritual education.”

However, their website makes no mention of the scandal that almost destroyed them, summing it up in just one innocuous sentence.

In 1994 Yogi Desai resigned as spiritual director of Kripalu.

Amrit Desai was charged with sexual abuse of several residents at the ashram, and a $2.5 million settlement was paid.