Yoga is a discipline that lends itself to, and attracts,  sexual predators of many kinds.

Students come to Yoga for many reasons, however many come from a vulnerable place, wishing to transform themselves and find greater happiness in life. Many Yoga teachers, unfortunately, exploit this vulnerability causing great harm to students.

We have all seen it many times. Match a charismatic teacher with eager and often vulnerable students, add a touch of human ego and just enough mysticism that students won’t question any dodgy practices too closely. Wait a few years, then watch the whole thing end up in suffering, court cases and recriminations.

It is not at all surprising that a sexual predator would want to become a prominent yoga teacher, even in their home town no matter how small. The guru-student relationship is fertile land for sexual misbehavior to flourish in.

There are too many  sexual predators in yoga to list, however this site attempts to highlight  a few who were exposed relatively recently, as a warning so that potential students are not caught in a web that they cannot extricate themselves from before the damage is done.

We cannot state that the information on this website is 100% true and correct. It is gleaned from personal stories and news items on the internet, and as such should be used as a guide, for the student to make their own judgement. Having said this, the old adage is usually true: Where there is smoke there is fire!